Better Than Good: Creating a Life You Can’t Wait to Live by Zig Ziglar


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He is the premier motivational communicator, having inspired millions worldwide. But this time, Zig Ziglar offers up a book that cuts deeper and burns brighter than any business success book before it, one that transcends even his own previous work and challenges you to new levels of excellence and achievement.

On the topic of living a life of motivation, passion and peak performance, nobody knows it better than Zig, and nobody tells it better than Zig. Written in his trademark style, this signature book isn't just success now, excellence tomorrow, or even motivation for the next month, but about long-term results based on the time-tested skills, values, setting goals and attitudes that really work. He also presents, for the first time, the secrets he has recently discovered for getting and staying motivated your whole life.

This is the very best of Zig Ziglar, brought together in one volume to help you be all you can be. Read on as mentor instructs and inspires you to create the better-than-good life you were meant to live.

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Book Details:
Length: 250 pages
Copyright: 2006 Zig Ziglar
ISBN#: 9780785289197