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Courtship After Marriage Book

Zig Ziglar has sold millions of books on the subject of success in life and in business. People pay attention to what he has to say because he not only talks about success, he has experienced success and he knows what it takes to acquire it. Ziglar brings to Courtship After Marriage similar credentials. He and his wife Jean have built a successful and satisfying partnership, and their romance has deepened, not diminished, over the decades they've been together.

Whether you have been married two years, fifty years, or anywhere in between, Courtship After Marriage offers couples common sense advice on how to keep romance alive in their relationship. And to those who have pondered giving up on their marriage, wondering, Can I still rekindle that spark? Ziglar says without hesitation, "Yes, you can!"

This how-to guide to happily-ever-after combines convincing statistics, advice from experts, and helpful and humorous anecdotes from Ziglar's own experience. Inside you'll find:

  • Six steps to starting over - no matter how long you've been married.
  • Tips for improving communication.
  • Rules for a fair fight.
  • A frank discussion of the importance of trust.

Ziglar also includes a sixty-six question survey to evaluate the state of your marriage. Take it before and after you read this book - you'll see a difference.

In addition to books on relationships and marriage counseling, Zig also offers books on sales and corporate training. See our entire inventory for more motivational books by Zig Ziglar.
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Book Details:
Length: 253 pages
Copyright: 1990 Zig Ziglar
ISBN#: 0785267247

Courtship After Marriage CD Set

In our hurried and self-centered culture, the real work required to keep love alive is often ignored. We live in an era where "We just don't love each other anymore" is considered grounds for divorce, and frequently the consequences of ending a marriage are minimized. We've all heard the overwhelming statistics.

Zig Ziglar recognizes the importance of building a relationship that can stand the test of time and the pressures from society to become a strong, firm foundation for the entire family. In The New Courtship After Marriage, Zig teaches couples how a warm, loving, respectful commitment can stay and even grow stronger throughout the years. Zig and his beautiful wife Jean ("the Redhead" as he affectionately calls her) have been married for more than 50 years. In this program, Zig shares his personal experience, the ups and downs that he has encountered in his own marriage, and how these experiences have strengthened his marriage beyond what even he dreamed possible.

Zig's practical advice offers a positive alternative to the grass-is-greener thinking that permeates our culture today and forces couples to give up when there is actually still much hope for their relationship. Zig teaches couples how to focus on their own marriage and invest themselves in simple, effective strategies that can make their marriage everything it was meant to be. Strategies that have stood the test of time and the stresses and pressures we all face day-to-day. In this updated version of Zig Ziglar's Courtship After Marriage, you'll learn to:

  • Build a foundation of pure trust through communication and love.
  • Settle differences fairly when arguments arise.
  • Give total support to each other through good times and bad.
  • Develop commitment to your spouse.
  • Find that true love is always there, right in front of you.

The romance never has to fade. You don't have to settle for a mediocre marriage or figure that things will never change. Above all, you don't need to look elsewhere for happiness and fulfillment. You can make your marriage the one you always dreamed of.

Whether you've been married one year, five years, or fifty years, like Zig and Jean, The New Courtship After Marriage will show you that you can have it all. With a little work and a lot of love, you will discover or re-discover your best friend - your spouse. You'll find that you can have love that will last a lifetime.

CD Details

Length: 6 CDs
ISBN#: 22710 CD

I Like... Because Notepad

Mr. Ziglar always encouraged his audience to become "good-finders" and to share uplifting, positive feedback with those we encounter who have inspired us in some way.

To implement this practice, we love to use the “I Like Because" Cards

Here’s how the process works:

Whenever you observe an individual say or do something positive or inspiring, you can quickly write a note on this pad that says, "I Like _(name)______Because_(reason)____" and you fill in some specific, observable quality the individual either possesses or demonstrates.

More often than not, these little messages of encouragement have a tremendously positive impact, and are treasured for years.

The Self Talk Card

Were you ever told as a child “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all?”

Well you’re no longer a child, but that saying is as true as ever. Most people think that only applies to the things that we say to others, but what about all the things that you say to yourself each and every day?

Let’s face it: we all talk to ourselves. Sometimes we do it out loud, sometimes in our heads.

The question is, what message are we sending to ourselves?

This is a very important question, because our input affects our outlook, our outlook affects our output, and our output can affect our very destiny!

Your brain is hard-wired to believe what you tell it, whether it’s actually true right now, or something that will be true in the future. So why not enthusiastically claim all the good qualities you want to develop?

That’s where the Ziglar Self-Talk Card can help.

This card comes with easy-to-follow instructions for harnessing the power of daily positive affirmations.

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