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The Ziglar Sales Program is designed to deliver the information you need to be more successful in your sales career. We have divided the lessons into 11 sales topics. This makes the skills you want to learn about easily accessible. Or, you can start with lesson one and work you way through the program sequentially.

Lesson Details:

Lesson One: Selling: The Proud Profession 

Lesson Two: The 4 Stages of Growth 

Lesson Three: Grow Your Way to the Top 

Lesson Four: What Customers Want vs. What You Sell 

Lesson Five: Success in Sales 

Lesson Six: Talking Sales Part One Sales Topic: Sell by Design 

Lesson Seven: Selling is a Process, Not an Event 

Lesson Eight: Sell Value, Don’t Defend Price 

Lesson Nine: To Be Convincing, You Must First Be Convinced 

Lesson Ten: Selling is FUN 

Lesson Eleven: Vintage Ziglar/Positive Thinking vs. Negative Thinking Prospecting

Lesson Twelve: The Four Elements of a Qualified Prospect 

Lesson Thirteen: Communicating a Compelling Reason to Meet with You 

Lesson Fourteen: Getting Past the Gatekeeper and Other Prospecting Tricks of the Trade 

Lesson Fifteen: Creative Ways to Prospect 

Lesson Sixteen: Talking Sales Part Two Relationships Sales Topic: DISC 

Lesson Seventeen: Selling to Different People Differently 

Lesson Eighteen: Understanding Your Selling Tendencies 

Lesson Nineteen: How to Determine Someone Else’s Style 

Lesson Twenty: How to Sell to the Different Styles 

Lesson Twenty-one: Vintage Ziglar/Change Your Picture, Change Yourself 

Lesson Twenty-two: Introduction to the Sales P.R.O.C.E.S.S. 

Lesson Twenty-three: Plan-Prepare-Prospect 

Lesson Twenty-four: Relate 

Lesson Twenty-five: Open a Dialogue 

Lesson Twenty-six: Confirm the Needs 

Lesson Twenty-seven: Replacement Selling 

Lesson Twenty-eight: Explain Your Recommendation 

Lesson Twenty-nine: Sell the Value 

Lesson Thirty: Talking Sales Part Three Sales Topic: FFB Selling 

Lesson Thirty-one: Computers are a Fad! 

Lesson Thirty-two: Lead with Need 

Lesson Thirty-three: Vintage Ziglar/Attitude is Important Presentation Sales Topic: Essential Sales Presentations 

Lesson Thirty-four: Introduction to Essential Sales Presentations 

Lesson Thirty-five: Seeing is Believing - Visual 

Lesson Thirty-six: Seeing is Believing ‚Äď Visual Continued¬†

Lesson Thirty-seven: Vocal Variety 

Lesson Thirty-eight: Techniques for Results 

Lesson Thirty-nine: Talking Sales Part Four Objections Sales Topic: Objections 

Lesson Forty: Objections: Friend or Foe? 

Lesson Forty-one: The Formula 

Lesson Forty-two: Providing Evidence 

Lesson Forty-three: Vintage Ziglar/Adjusting Your Vision 

Lesson Forty-four: Simply Ask for the Objective Motivation Sales Topic: Mental Side of Selling 

Lesson Forty-five: Sell with Certainty 

Lesson Forty-six: Lessons from our National Pastime 

Lesson Forty-seven: Sales Slumps 

Lesson Forty-eight: Confidence: Never Leave the Office Without It 

Lesson Forty-nine: Vintage Ziglar/The Pump Story Sales Topic: Miscellaneous 

Lesson Fifty: The 5-step Sales Meeting 

Lesson Fifty-one: Three Quick

Contents Include: One workbook, 5 DVDs, 7 CDs
Category: Sales