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Conversations With My Dog by Zig Ziglar

Conversations With My Dog by Zig Ziglar

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If you've got a dog, or a cat for that matter--and millions of us do--you probably talk to your critter now and again. And it doesn't surprise you in the least, does it, when your critter talks back!

Well, it's no different for Zig Ziglar and his pet, Dirty Dog. Zig started talking to Dirty Dog shortly after the handsome Welsh Corgi came to live with his family in 1995. And Dirty Dog started talking back, which is how Zig discovered that his pet has "wide-ranging interests, unusual insights, asks fascinating questions, and sometimes gives startling answers" to questions asked of him.

Some years ago, Zig decided he wanted Dirty Dog to co-author a book with him, and together they have produced Conversations With My Dog.

Conversations With My Dog covers many facets of life, including everything from faith to health, character, relationships, jealousy, TV, making decisions, organ donors, common sense, and many other subjects. The book is a delightful read for people of all ages and interests!

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Length: 148 pages
Copyright: 2005 Zig Ziglar Corporation
ISBN #: 0805432604

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