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MP3: The Goals Program by Zig Ziglar -How To Stay Motivated – Vol. III: 6 MP3s

MP3: The Goals Program by Zig Ziglar -How To Stay Motivated – Vol. III: 6 MP3s

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The Goals Program

Volume 3 of the legendary How To Stay Motivated series  - the most complete audio series on personal growth and success ever recorded!

Are you ready to achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality?

Are you looking for the edge, the missing link, the nudge, to get you started in the right direction?

In The Goals Program by Zig Ziglar you will learn:

  • Why goals are so important
  • Why so many people don’t have goals
  • The 4 reasons people don’t set goals
  • The questions you need to ask yourself to determine if you have the right goal
  • The 7-step goal setting process that will help you achieve your goals faster and easier

Did you know there is only one thing worse than setting a goal and not achieving it?  That is setting the WRONG goal and achieving it!

The Goals Program will simply and clearly help you identify the right goals for YOU, and then give you a specific proven formula to achieve YOUR goals.

There are six powerful lessons in The Goals Program:

  • CD download session 1: You and Your Goals Program
  • CD download session 2: The Specifics of Goal Setting
  • CD download session 3: Reaching Your Goals in Life
  • CD download session 4: Motivation Plus Information Equals Inspiration
  • CD download session 5: The Foundations for Greatness
  • CD download session 6: Overcoming Adversity to Live Your Dreams

Copyright: 1993 Zig Ziglar
ISBN#: 1562077295 (CD Series)

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