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MP3: Out of Sight by Blake Lindsay

MP3: Out of Sight by Blake Lindsay

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Although you may not have met Blake Lindsay, you will definitely benefit from his powerful message! A radio announcer, Ziglar employee, and now published author, Blake has accomplished more in his life than many people twice his age– and all without the gift of sight.

Blake’s new book, Out of Sight Living takes the reader on a journey of Blake Lindsay’s life from the time he was diagnosed as a baby with Retnoblastoma, a condition that left him totally blind, to his present day life. The stories in this book generate hope, laughter, and awareness of the challenges and successes that blind people experience not only on a daily basis, but throughout their entire lives. An easy to follow journey with a powerful message, Out of Sight Living serves as proof that someone with a physical challenge can be handi-capable.

Whether purchased for your own enjoyment or as a gift– this book delivers an inspiring message that everyone can appreciate!

Audio Details:

Length: 60 Minutes
Copyright: 2006 Blake Lindsay
ISBN#: 9780978726829

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