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MP3: True Performance Series by Zig Ziglar and Chris Widener

MP3: True Performance Series by Zig Ziglar and Chris Widener

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True Performance – Zig Ziglar’s last recorded program!

When we filmed the True Performance Series a number of years ago, we didn’t realize it would be the last program ever filmed of Zig Ziglar.

Now, for the first time ever, it is available MP3 audio.

True Performance is unlike any program Zig ever did. Filmed in HD in an intimate setting with host Chris Widener, Zig covers in an interview format the most important elements of success – the essentials to True Performance.

“True Performance is the ideal accomplishment of an aspiration, goal, or objective that benefits everyone involved.”
- Zig Ziglar

The True Performance program covers 10 separate sessions, each about 30 minutes in length. All are jam-packed with Zig’s insights and wisdom on the most essential subjects necessary for success.

Watch these power-packed segments from True Performance:

Episode 1 – Integrity

Integrity is a must if you wish to have true, lasting success in your life. Zig Ziglar shares his insights on how your integrity can impact your personal life and career.

Episode 2 – Attitude

Zig Ziglar shares his insights on how your attitude can impact your life. He addresses the question of what motivation is, and is not, and how to stay motivated.

Episode 3 – Goals

Zig Ziglar uniquely compares your game plan for life with a “day before vacation attitude” approach. Hear how this master communicator applied his four-step process to goal-setting and increased his life performance.

Episode 4 – Relationships

Zig Ziglar tells the greatest love story ever told in this episode focusing on relationships.

Episode 5 – Sales

Everyone is in sales. Zig Ziglar tells us what it takes to be successful in sales and replays his own struggles as he began his sales career.

Episode 6 – Faith

Zig Ziglar discusses why his faith is so crucial to him. He encourages us to fully understand God and His ways and the benefits of doing so.

Episode 7 – Change

Zig Ziglar discusses the importance of embracing change in all areas of our lives. He gives specific tips on how to remain focused as we navigate the changes we encounter.

Episode 8 – Leadership

Host Chris Widener interviews motivation speaker Zig Ziglar on the topic of leadership. They discuss “who we are” and “what we do” that can make us good leaders.

Episode 9 – Business Ethics

Zig and Chris are joined by Linda Paulk, then-President and CEO of Snelling Personnel. The three discuss how ethics have played a role in their decision-making in their businesses.

Episode 10 – Loyalty

Legendary speaker and author Zig Ziglar talks to host Chris Widener about his definition of loyalty and why it makes a difference in this day and age.

The True Performance Series is over four hours in length and designed perfectly to review in 25 minute sections. Ideal for one on one study or to watch with your team at the office.

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