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Mr. Ziglar always encouraged his audience to become "good-finders" and to share uplifting, positive feedback with those we encounter who have inspired us in some way.

To implement this practice, we love to use the “I Like Because" Cards

Here’s how the process works:

Whenever you observe an individual say or do something positive or inspiring, you can quickly write a note on this pad that says, "I Like _(name)______Because_(reason)____" and you fill in some specific, observable quality the individual either possesses or demonstrates.

More often than not, these little messages of encouragement have a tremendously positive impact, and are treasured for years.


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Jill Hellwig

On time and awesome! Thank you!


The “I Like…Because” cards are a staple in the life of my ministry. They are good tools to encourage folks you work with, your family you love, and friends that need a reminder of why they are special to you.