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Building the Best You

Building the Best You

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The Building the Best You Series:

Have you ever wondered if you could create a better tomorrow for yourself?

“Too many times we get distracted in life and miss out on all the good things. This course was created to remind you that you truly can be the BEST YOU and have all the great things life has to offer!“- Michelle Prince, Author, Speaker & Host of the Building The Best You Course

When you purchase the Building the Best You course, you will receive a series of fifteen videos, each with its own printable PDF workbook. This is not a live class and can be taken at your own pace.

Module 1: Foundations for Success 

Lesson 1: The Choice is Yours
Lesson 2: Stairway to Success
Lesson 3: Foundations for Success

Module 2: Confidence is Key

Lesson 4: What’s Going Into Your Mind
Lesson 5: Your Thoughts Have Power
Lesson 6: Affirmations

Module 3: Rewarding Relationships

Lesson 7: Sincere Compliments
Lesson 8: Lessons from Your Relationships

Module 4: Goals - Your Plan of Action

Lesson 9: Your Dream List
Lesson 10: The Wheel of Life
Lesson 11: 7-Step Goal Setting Formula

Module 5: Putting It All Together

Lesson 12: Attitude
Lesson 13: Work
Lesson 14: Desire
Lesson 15: Contract for Success
BONUS: Additional Resources

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