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How To Stay Motivated – Vol. II: Changing the Picture by Zig Ziglar – 6 CDs

How To Stay Motivated – Vol. II: Changing the Picture by Zig Ziglar – 6 CDs

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Changing the Picture

Volume 2 of the legendary How To Stay Motivated series - the most complete audio series on personal growth and success ever recorded!

This six-hour program focuses on what you need to do in order to rise above your circumstances rather than being controlled by them.

It starts with the way you see yourself.  Far too many people have a negative view of themselves, and because of this the negative circumstances of life that we all deal with turn into a tidal wave of despair and defeat.  We begin to believe that no matter what we do, we are not capable of handling the situation.  This is completely untrue!  We have to Change the Picture of the way we see ourselves!  If we see ourselves as unworthy and not capable, this is the way we will act and the negative results will follow.  Once we start to see ourselves as winners, capable of handling whatever life throws at us, and we follow the simple steps that Zig lays out for us, then we rise above our circumstances.

"One of the realities of life is that when you see a successful person what you are really seeing is a person standing on a big pile of circumstances rather than being buried by them.”  Tom Ziglar

How we see ourselves and the steps we take to build our self-image is the first tep in Changing the Picture so that we can have a fulfilling life.

Next, we have to Change the Picture in our relationships with others.  

In the 75-year Harvard Grant Study they followed Harvard students and young men from Boston’s poorest housing projects starting in 1938 until today.  Over 700 were included in the study and less than 10% of those are still alive.  Every year the Harvard researchers would interview the participants about all areas of their lives – physical, mental, emotional, etc.  At the 75-year mark they asked the participants who were still alive if they were happy and fulfilled.  They then went back 25 years into the massive data they had accumulated to determine what those who said they were happy and satisfied today were doing 25 years ago to determine what it was they did that led to happy and fulfilled lives.  

The 75 Year Harvard Grant Study revealed that the most fulfilled, happy, and satisfied participants focused on one thing – relationships!  

That’s right, these 90-year-old-plus participants who said they were happy and satisfied with their lives focused on building winning relationships as their primary objective.  This is what Changing the Picture is all about – creating the right relationship with yourself and with others!  Isn’t it great that this study proved what Zig Ziglar invested over six decades of his life teaching!

There are 6 powerful lessons in Changing the Picture

  • CD session 1: Winners respond, not react
  • CD session 2: Identifying and correcting image problems
  • CD session 3: Steps to a healthy self-image
  • CD session 4: Succeeding in a negative, cat-kicking world
  • CD session 5: Common sense human relationships
  • CD session 6: Winning relationships at home and at work

Copyright: 1993 Zig Ziglar
ISBN#: 1562077295 (CD Series)

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