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Ziglar Inc. CEO Tom Ziglar shows readers how the choices they can make--beginning today--will help them achieve balanced success, true significance, and an everlasting legacy.

Most people don't get intentional about their lives until they face a crisis and are forced to make changes. In Choose to Win, Tom Ziglar reveals a plan for taking action now, for beating the status quo and building the life readers have dreamed about and deserve.

Ziglar believes anyone can achieve massive change without massive upset. It all starts with focusing on building good habits in seven key areas: mental, spiritual, physical, family, finance, personal, and career. He shows readers how to identify the life-killing bad habits that cause misery, dissatisfaction, and lack of success--and how to implement positive habits through the trinity of transformation: desire, hope, and grit. Making one small choice at a time through a sequence of easy-to-follow steps helps build lives that are more productive, more fulfilling, and more meaningful. Readers will more fully understand how their positive choices and decisions of today impact future generations.

Hardback: 330 pages
ISBN#: 9781400209545

Customer Reviews

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Jeanne Freer
Choose to Win

So far so good.

Steve Good
Great purchase!

I would highly recommend "Choose to Win." There are plenty of actionable steps to get anyone moving in the right direction , regardless of age or circumstance!

My favorite self help book

Tom’s clear wisdom makes this my favorite self help book I have read in a while. He takes the wisdom of all the other self help books out there and forms a simple clear message of how to win at life. Giving my children a copy and extras on hand as gifts. Great reading and pure truth.

Robert Paul

Choose to Win - Paperback


Great read!