Courtship After Marriage by Zig Ziglar


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Zig Ziglar has sold millions of books on the subject of success in life and in business. People pay attention to what he has to say because he not only talks about success, he has experienced success and he knows what it takes to acquire it. Ziglar brings to Courtship After Marriage similar credentials. He and his wife Jean have built a successful and satisfying partnership, and their romance has deepened, not diminished, over the decades they've been together.

Whether you have been married two years, fifty years, or anywhere in between, Courtship After Marriage offers couples common sense advice on how to keep romance alive in their relationship. And to those who have pondered giving up on their marriage, wondering, Can I still rekindle that spark? Ziglar says without hesitation, "Yes, you can!"

This how-to guide to happily-ever-after combines convincing statistics, advice from experts, and helpful and humorous anecdotes from Ziglar's own experience. Inside you'll find:

  • Six steps to starting over - no matter how long you've been married.
  • Tips for improving communication.
  • Rules for a fair fight.
  • A frank discussion of the importance of trust.

Ziglar also includes a sixty-six question survey to evaluate the state of your marriage. Take it before and after you read this book - you'll see a difference.

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In paperback.

Book Details:
Length: 253 pages
Copyright: 1990 Zig Ziglar
ISBN#: 0785267247